I would like to congratulate all of our wonderful students, parents and families for their hard work and dedication to our community dojo. The last two months of work really paid off. Our teams had a great showing at this year annual Shinsakai tournament.


DIVISION 2 TEAM ROLLING (ages 8-12, out of 6 teams):

1st place:  Susie, Zane, Jada, Nate, Ben, Weston

DIVISION 2 TAIGI PAIRS (ages 8-12)  (out of 18 teams):

– Note – awards given for the top 5 only
1st place – Jada & Nate
4th place – Susie & Zane
6th place – Chris & Weston
7th place (Tie) – Thomas & Ben / Ryleigh & Jaden
8th place (Tied with a Tigard, OR team) – Tealia & Brooke

DIVISION 3 TAIGI PAIRS (Teens/adults through Purple belt)  (out of 11 teams):

– Note – awards given for the top 3 only
2nd place – Hisa & Rachel (1st in Kitei, 2nd in Jonage)
4th place – Toby & Matt (4th in Kitei, 4th in Jonage)

DIVISION 4 TAIGI PAIRS (Adults, Brown & Black Belts)  (out of 8 teams):

– Note – awards given for the top 3 only
3rd place for Jo – John Wade Sensei & his partner Jeff Leiter Sensei (3rd in Jo)


West Linn Dojo was tapped by Northwest Ki Federation Chief, Tabata Sensei to run Shinsakai this year. Thanks to all who volunteered in helping to make it a successful event! I could not have done it with you.
Great work everyone!
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