This morning workout class is based on the warm-ups, stretches and rolling (known as Ukemi) exercises of Aikido, but modified into an intense 30 minute workout routine for anyone. This is NOT a martial arts class.
  • Newcomers: This is a cardio workout suited to people interested in trying something different. No previous martial arts experience needed.
  • Existing students: This class is focused on improving Ukemi (rolling) skills, stamina and physical health. Aikido arts will not be covered.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: exercise/workout attire or martial arts GI.
    • Class starts with stretching & warm-up exercises focused on posture, flexibility & keeping the body relaxed.
    • Very intense, timed sets/reps of rolling/tumbling/flipping/falling exercises to build stamina, endurance & muscle tone. Heavy focus on core and leg muscle groups.
    • Agility exercises to coordinate the mind and the body.
    • Class ends with deep breathing exercises.
  • Cost:
    • First class FREE
    • $40 a month membership for unlimited Rolling Classes (for members who do not train in our other classes)
    • Existing Dojo members pay no additional cost, Rolling class is included.
  • DAY/TIME: 
    • Tuesday & Thursdays
    • 5:30AM – 6:00AM
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