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Ki Aikido Martial Art Classes for Seniors

If you are a senior or an adult over the age of 55 who may suffer from physical ailments preventing you from training in a traditional martial arts class, our dojo offers a unique course in the traditional Japanese martial art of Ki-Aikido taught at a gentler, slower pace that is matched to the students physical ability.

You will learn how to apply the fundamentals of Ki-Aikido towards your daily life to improve health, flexibility and mental focus.

Topics include:

  • Conflict resolution (non-dissension)
  • Mental conditioning: Learn to maintain a calm mind through discipline, meditation, deep breathing & developing focus
  • Physical conditioning: proper breathing, posture, health exercises
  • Martial Art Techniques: Throws, Joint Locks, Strikes, Attacks, Pins, Rolling/Falling (Ukemi) – at a pace suitable for older adults and seniors
  • Traditional Japanese Weapons: Bokken (sword), Jo (staff), Tanto (knife)
  • Tradition: History of the art, Philosophy, Etiquette and more
  • How to apply the principles to everyday life

Learn more about Ki Development

Learn more about Aikido

AGES: 55+

DAY: Tuesday

TIME: Noon-1:30pm.
Class begins promptly at noon


CONTACT: Email me at wardsensei@westlinnkiaikido.com

COURSE FEE: $75 a month. Please make checks out to The Oregon Ki Society, with “West Linn Dojo” in the memo.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can train, so we encourage all members to train as often as possible.

NOTE: Seniors should speak to the Sensei of the standard adult class prior to training. Seniors moving into the standard adult class will be expected to perform at the same level as the other students.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear loose fitting clothes (sweat pants and a t-shirt) or Aikido Gi (uniform).

FAMILY WAITING AREA: For adults with small children and no babysitter, we have a family waiting area available for the kids (includes toys, books, seating, Xfinity WIFI and movies for kids to watch).

DIRECTIONS: We are located in the lower level of Bolton Plaza. We recommend parking behind the building vs parking at street level.


April 9
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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