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  1. ONLINE PAYMENTS: We are about to roll out our online payment system in the month of September. If all goes well, we should be able to finally accept credit cards and handle auto-billing with e-invoice reminders by October. Stay Tuned!
  2. KIDS NIGHT OUT: Our next Kids Night Out is currently planned for Friday, September 28th. 6pm-9pm. Sign up today!
  3. CHANGES TO THE KIDS CLASS: In addition to our standard belts, we will be rolling out a new West Linn Dojo program of extra challenges for the kids this fall, with “merit badge” style rewards. Details coming soon. This is considered extra credit for kids who really want to push themselves and to acknowledge students who go above and beyond.
  4. SEPTEMBER IS TEST MONTH. If you or your child are testing, the schedule will be posted next week.
  5. EARLY MORNING “ROLLERS” CLASS! We are rolling out a new work-out class in September for teens and adults interested in getting better physical condition. The class will be 1-2 times a week, 5:30am-6:15am and focus solely on our “UKEMI” (rolling, flips, strikes) organized as a workout. More details coming soon. If this sounds interesting to you, please email Ward Sensei to express interest. Be ready to sweat!
  6. GUEST INSTRUCTORS!: The fall promises to be a blockbuster in Aikido training with visits from the chief of our federation’s two largest dojos and the Director of our Kiatsu School.
    1. SEPTEMBER: 6th Degree Black Belt, Eugene Ki Society Chief Instructor, Director of the Kiatsu School – Dr. Terry Copperman Sensei MD. Copperman Sensei will be teaching a special Ki Development & Kiatsu Seminar for our dojo with a special focus on the medical benefits and science behind this unique training. Dr. Copperman Sensei is a medical physician in Eugene OR. All students and their families are invited to attend for FREE. Membership NOT required. WHEN: Sunday, September 16th 10am-11:30a
    2. OCTOBER: 6th Degree Black Belt & Vancouver BC Ki Society Chief Instructor – Roger Isaac. Isaac Sensei will be teaching a full Monday night, kids through adults. This is a true honor for our Dojo. Isaac Sensei has built the largest, most successful dojo in our federation. Isaac Sensei has been a big influence and close advisor to our Chief, Ward Sensei. His class will be extremely fun and a real workout. Get ready to train!!  WHEN: Monday, October 22nd 5pm-9pm (all classes) — NOTE: date subject to change.
    3. NOVEMBER: 6th Degree Black Belt & Corvallis Ki Society Chief Instructor – Bill Peterson. Following on the heals of a visit by VKS Chief Isaac Sensei, we have the legendary Bill Peterson Sensei, Chief Instructor of the second largest dojo in the federation: Corvallis Ki Society. More details coming soon. WHEN: TBA

Thank you for your continued support!

Paul Ward Sensei
Nidan / Shoden / West Linn Chief Instructor
West Linn Ki Aikido / Oregon Ki Society
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