Stephan Acosta Sensei, Instructor – Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)

Stephan (Steve) Acosta, 1st Dan of the Oregon Ki Society was one of the founding members of West Linn Ki Aikido and has been here since day one. He served faithfully as a teaching assistant to Ward Sensei in both children’s classes and adult classes until his promotion to Black Belt. He has literally helped Ward Sensei build the dojo with his bare hands: from the days of setting up & tearing down in the community center, to volunteering hundreds of hours helping to teach kids & adults, to putting up drywall & paint at the new location.

Acosta Sensei was promoted to 1st degree black belt in the martial art of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido after 6 years of training and assisting instructors. He retains the rank of Jokyu (pre-BlackBelt) in Ki Development. Acosta Sensei is a direct student of Robert Hart Sensei (7th degree dan) and Louis Sloss Sensei (7th degree dan) of the Oregon Ki Society. He began & continues his training at the Northwest Ki Federation headquarters in Tigard, Oregon.

Diverse martial arts background

Steve Acosta has cross trained in other martial arts such as Kendo (Japanese competitive sword fighting) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He came to Aikido later in life as a way to learn how to relax his mind and body while staying active in a martial art. With his engineering mind, he is a virtual encyclopedia of Aikido arts, who embodies the teachings of Hart Sensei (7th Dan).

Family Man & Mechanic Extraordinaire

Steve Acosta Sensei is an Oregon native and resident of Lake Oswego, married, with a teenage son & daughter (his daughter Alana also trains at West Linn Dojo). Acosta Sensei has a diverse and accomplished background in the licensed trades and has mastered several, including: plumbing, electrical and heavy diesel engine mechanics. His most recent position is as Manager at Greyhound in Portland, Oregon. He brings his salt-of-the-earth thirst for hard work, physical fitness and no excuses attitude to his teachings.  He leads students by his outstandingly generous example of endlessly volunteering to help others. He embodies hard-work and honesty.

My Goal

Steve Acosta Sensei’s goal is to help Ward Sensei continue growing the West Linn dojo community while spreading the teachings of Tohei Sensei. After so many years serving as the assistant to Ward Sensei, no one knows the families and students of our dojo better. Acosta Sensei looks forward to growing as a teacher in his own right.