John Wade Sensei, Instructor – Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

Wade Sensei joined the West Linn Dojo team when the official location opened in 2017. John Wade was recently promoted to a third degree black belt in the martial art of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido after nearly 10 years of instructing in the children’s program at the Oregon Ki Society headquarters in Tigard, Oregon. Wade Sensei retains a rank of Shoden (1st degree Black Belt) in Ki Development. Wade Sensei has been certified as an Assistant Ki Lecturer by the International Ki Society and is a direct student of Robert Hart Sensei (7th degree dan), Louis Sloss Sensei (7th degree dan) and Calvin Tabata Sensei (8th degree dan) of the Oregon Ki Society. He began & continues his training at the Northwest Ki Federation headquarters in Tigard, Oregon. In 2016 Wade Sensei joined Ward Sensei in training at Ki Society World Headquarters in Japan under top Aikido Master Shinichi Tohei Sensei, President of the International Ki Society. Wade Sensei has traveled to train at Ki Society dojos across Oregon, Canada and Japan. In 2017, Wade Sensei honored Ward Sensei by agreeing to join the teaching team at West Linn.

Family Man & Operations Manager

John Wade Sensei is a resident of Lake Oswego, married (to Aikido 5th Dan & OHSU Neuro-Researcher, Shirley McCartney Sensei), with a grown son in college (1st Dan, Duncan Wade). He is an Operations Manager at global power-house Cosentino, in Portland, Oregon.

My Goal

John Wade Sensei’s goal is to help Ward Sensei continue growing the West Linn dojo community while spreading the teachings of Tohei Sensei. He is excited to expand his teaching portfolio to include adults, along with his extensive experience teaching children.