Adult & Teen Ki Aikido Classes

Our adult & teen Ki-Aikido Classes teach Aikido, a Japanese martial art originally developed by Morihei Usehiba in the late 1920s that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting the attacker from injury.

Aikido techniques consist of circular entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique. Ki-Aikido is a style created by Master Koichi Tohei (10th Dan) in the 1970s which combines Aikido techniques with a heavy emphasis on developing a person’s use of “Ki” (living energy).

Aikido training encompasses several components:

  • Conflict Resolution (Non-Dissension) & Self Defense
  • Discipline, focus & maintaining a calm mind
  • How to re-direct the attacker’s energy away from you
  • Martial Art Techniques: Throws, Joint Locks, Strikes, Attacks, Pins, Rolling/Falling (Ukemi)
  • Traditional Japanese Weapons: Bokken (sword), Jo (staff), Tanto (knife)
  • The Philosophy, traditions and history of the art

Ki Development produces a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body:

  • Mind and body unification techniques – Through concentration & focus learn to use your mind and body as one.
  • Breathing exercises and meditation – Combine deep breathing with a calm mind to improve your physical and mental health.
  • Health exercises – Improve range of motion, flexibility while learning to apply natural posture to Aikido and other daily activities.
  • Application in daily life – Ki Development is vital to developing powerful Aikido. But the real value of Ki Development is realized when applied to life’s many activities: work, play, rest, family and relationships.

What Is a Ki-Aikido Martial Arts Class Like?

After a few minutes of warm-up exercises, the instructor will begin teaching a Ki-Aikido art. The art is broken down into steps. Students pair off to practice what has just been taught until the entire art is put together.

Ki-Aikido arts consist of one attacker and one defender. The defender (Nage) performs the Ki-Aikido technique. Because the attacker (Uke) is frequently thrown to the ground, it is necessary to learn how to fall safely. These skills are taught at a pace suited to the student.

Ki-Aikido training is taught in a manner that students of all experience levels can train safely together. A positive and encouraging environment for all age groups is continuously cultivated.

Getting Started in Ki-Aikido

You may start attending Ki-Aikido class at any time. Please contact the dojo in advance and let them know you wish to visit. Your first class will be treated as an introduction at no charge to you.

PRIOR to arrival, parents or guardians will be asked to fill out a registration form and a COVID form so we can insure new students are following comparable safety protocols as the rest of our dojo community.

Attire for the first class is a cotton T-shirt and warm-up pants that cover the knees. Students who choose to continue training are encouraged to wear a special uniform called a gi, that makes training much easier. This uniform is available for purchase at your local dojo for a nominal price.