Family Ki-Aikido Martial Art Class. (In-Dojo & Online)

West Linn Ki Aikido is committed to building the leaders of tomorrow by teaching families to be the best versions of themselves today.

Our Family Aikido Class is aimed at teaching kids, teens and adults to be confident in themselves while learning how to build a strong character, a strong mind and a strong body. This class is offered both in-dojo and online. We offer this in a fun, safe & nurturing environment where families can learn to push themselves, make mistakes, get back up and try again. Our tool is the martial art of Aikido. Our goal is to build future leaders. Because this class is aimed at families, we encourage siblings and parents to train together for the best family experience.

This class is aimed for a wide range of ages – 7 through adult. We encourage parents to join their kids to develop a unique shared experience that will benefit the whole family. Monthly rates are $95 for adults, $65 for the first child, $45 for additional siblings. However, if you have 3 or more family members, the maximum fee for an entire family is only $180 a month for unlimited classes.

If you would like to speak with us about joining class, please call (971-407-8263) or email. We can help you to determine if Ki-Aikido is right for your family. If you are out of state or are in quarantine/isolation for Covid and would like to join the online version of class, send us an email to add you to the Zoom invite list.

About the Family Aikido Martial Arts Class

By cultivating good habits, Aikido provides a foundation for a lifetime of positive growth. As the body grows, so does the mind. It is natural to develop the two together. In a physically active and cooperative learning environment, students learn the martial art of Ki-Aikido. As they grow, they learn how to apply these lessons to all activities: school, work, play, sports, and relationships.

At the heart of our program is the development of positive habits.

Students are taught how to concentrate, remain calm, challenge themselves physically and approach life with a positive attitude. Through regular training at the dojo, students of all ages acquire positive habits they will retain so they can become leaders in their community.

What Is a Family Ki-Aikido Class Like?

Classes are taught in a traditional dojo setting. Courtesy, respect and cooperation are fundamental lessons, and built into the formal beginning of each class. Students learn a variety of activities and skills, including stretching, warm-ups, proper posture, agility, how to focus, and exercises intended to build the body.

In each class, time is devoted to learning the Ki-Aikido arts. Arts consist of one person attacking and another person performing the Ki-Aikido technique in defense. Since the result of every Ki-Aikido art is the attacker is sent falling to the ground, it is necessary to learn how to fall safely where thrown by the defender. These skills are taught at a pace students are able to learn regardless of age or physical ability. In addition to the instructor, assistants ensure that each student gets the attention he or she needs to learn the lesson and to train safely.

Lessons are often summarized at the end of class, showing students how the day’s learning can be applied to their life outside the dojo.

Getting Started in the Family Ki-Aikido Martial Arts Class

You may start your study of Ki-Aikido at any time. Please contact the dojo ahead of time and let us know you wish to visit. We offer free introductory lessons.

PRIOR to arrival, parents or guardians will be asked to fill out a registration form and a COVID form so we can insure new students are following comparable safety protocols as the rest of our dojo community.

Attire for the first class is a cotton T-shirt, and warm-up pants that cover the knees. Students who train regularly are encouraged to wear a special uniform called a gi. This uniform is available for purchase at your local dojo for a nominal price.