West Linn Dojo COVID-19 & Questionnaire.

Please read the following OKS (Oregon Ki Society) and West Linn Ki Aikido dojo Guidelines for training during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

These guidelines have been produced in coordination with local, county, state officials, doctors from the Ki Society (we have several MD members who are serving as a best practices advisory board) and consultation with Northwest Ki Federation leadership.

Before attending in-person classes, please fill out this questionnaire completely, so we can plan accordingly: COVID-19 HEALTH FORM

Student/Instructor Guidelines

1. Wear masks at all times
2. Temperature check & Health Screening Questions before entry at Dojo
3. Use hand sanitizers immediately after touching another student (outside of your immediate family)
4. Wash Gi’s & masks after every class
5. Bring your own Water Bottle
6. No bags or anything that needs to be put on the ground
7. Changing Rooms are limited to one person at a time
8. The Kiatsu / Meditation Room is closed at this time.
8. The parent waiting area is limited to 4 visitors, spaced 6ft, using assigned seats. Seating cleaned after every class.
8. Only 4 Visitors or Non-Training Students allowed inside dojo at a time.
9. Bathrooms are available, but knobs, toilets and handles must be cleaned immediately after.
10. Stay in your designated training area, 6 feet from others.
11. All students will be encouraged to train with a member of their own family.
12. If a student does not train with family, they will be assigned a regular partner.
13. Students will be assigned designated training times.
14. The dojo will have specific entrance/exit procedures posted, to maintain distancing
15. Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 12 students at a time, to maintain distancing of 6 feet or more
16. If you are feeling ill, stay home and notify the Sensei immediately.
17. Sensei will refrain from touching students unless needed for safety or the lesson
18. Sensei will wear Nitrile gloves and change them after each class
19. Sensei will immediately wash/sanitize their hands after touching any student.
20. Sensei will have a designated Uke for examples, rather than random students selected
21. All students and Sensei will be trained on proper use of masks.
22. Sensei will focus on arts or training that requires little to no touch (weapons, forms, meditation, Ukemi, etc)

Facility Guidelines

1. All surfaces cleaned daily after the last class.
2. All equipment/weapons will be wiped down after every class.
3. UV lights will be run after class in the Airflow system and inside the dojo to disinfect the mats and air.
4. Clean all door handles and any surfaces that are touched in the dojo after each class
5. Air out Dojo during class / Open all Windows & Doors / Run Fans / Run UV Air Purifier 24-7
6. West Linn Dojo will have one-way through traffic (follow signs).
7. Put up signs inside and outside Dojo (Ex: State Guidelines social distancing)
8. Have Masks available for all students and instructors.
9. We will have several classes outdoors at the beginning of the summer.
10. Continue to offer classes online. Most in-person classes will be broadcast on Zoom.
11. All students are closely tracked for attendance and training partners are tracked for contact tracing
12. Kiatsu Classes and Seniors Aikido classes are suspended until further notice