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West Linn Ki Aikido Martial Arts

Ki Aikido Class (Adult & Teen)

7:00 PM—8:30 PM

Adult & Teen Ki Aikido Martial Art Classes We provide training in the traditional Japanese martial art of Ki-Aikido. This class is for teens and adults. Topics include: Conflict resolution (non-dissension) Mental conditioning: Learn to maintain a calm mind through discipline, meditation, deep breathing & developing focus Physical conditioning: proper breathing, posture, health exercises Martial…

West Linn Ki Aikido Martial Arts

Ki Aikido Class (Seniors)

12:00 PM—1:30 PM

Ki Aikido Martial Art Classes for Seniors If you are a senior or an adult over the age of 55 who may suffer from physical ailments preventing you from training in a traditional martial arts class, our dojo offers a unique course in the traditional Japanese martial art of Ki-Aikido taught at a gentler, slower…

Kids Aikido Martial Art Class

Kids Aikido (Intermediate)

6:00 PM—7:00 PM

Kids Ki-Aikido Martial Arts Class (Intermediate) *AGES 8-12* Description: Classes are taught in a traditional dojo setting. Courtesy, respect and cooperation are fundamental lessons, and built into the formal beginning of each class. Children learn a variety of activities and skills, including stretching and playful warm-ups. Time is devoted to learning Ki-Aikido martial arts. A…

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Paul Ward

Aikido Chief Instructor, West Linn Dojo
(971) 407.8263

Oregon Ki Society

Aikido with Mind & Body Coordinated
(503) 684.0185

Master Koichi Tohei

Aikido Master & Founder of the Ki Society

Aikido News

Guest Instructor Louis Sloss Sensei

Each month, the West Linn Ki Aikido dojo will have a high ranking guest Ki…


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: West Linn Dojo is upgrading from a satellite program to a full dojo…


Celebrating 2 years in West Linn with the Ki Society teaching the martial art of…


Announcing sign-ups for the Beginners Kids Class in Ki-Aikido. Classes will introduce kids to the world of Aikido,…

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KIDS AIKIDO CAMP 2018 is just around the corner (June 9 & 10)!! Be sure to get your kids signed up today! Two days……

1 day ago

Sensei's Show & Tell: After a two week focus on Bokken in Kids class, we brought in a special guest at the end to s……

7 days ago

Maxson Sensei (Chief Instructor of NE Portland Dojo), 6th Dan, came to visit this week as our final guest instructo……

7 days ago

TUESDAY: Jon Maxson Sensei, 6th Degree Blackbelt and Chief Instructor of the NE Portland Ki Society will be visitin……

2 weeks ago

Coming all the way from Canada, Calgary Ki Society Chief Instructor, James Angevine Sensei, 7th Degree Blackbelt, h……

3 weeks ago

THURSDAY: James Angevine Sensei, 7th Degree Blackbelt and Chief Instructor of the Calgary Ki Society will be visiti……

3 weeks ago

TODAY'S SENIORS AIKIDO IS CANCELLED - sorry for the late notice. We were unable to secure a sub for Lewis Sensei th……

4 weeks ago

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7 days ago

West Linn Ki Aikido

Sensei's Show & Tell: This week we had a special surprise to show the kids. After a two week focus on the Bokken (wooden practice sword), we ended with a visitor who showed what Japanese sword fighting (Kendo) and the required armor looks like. We then compared it to what we learn in Aikido class and how it ties together with a brief history of the samurai. The kids (and adults) had a blast. Very special thanks to Steve for sharing! ... See MoreSee Less

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